LBMS for Law Firms

Elegrity LBMS™: Cradle to Grave Law Firm Business Process Management™ - A Comprehensive BPM (Workflow) Solution

Looking for a law firm Business Process Management (Workflow) platform that can manage and streamline your business processes? Elegrity uniquely delivers.

Elegrity's Law Business Management System™ (LBMS™) is the only Business Process Portal designed from the ground up specifically for the Legal Industry, embedding Elegrity's Law Firm BPM thought leadership.  Don't make the mistake of using old-school technology or approaches - LBMS is the now and next-generation BPM Platform of choice for law firms. 

Used by international law firms (AMLAW 100; AMLAW200; Small to Mid-Tier), LBMS is easily deployed and integrated into your existing technology infrastructure and is designed to scale to support thousands of users in multiple geographic locations. And because it’s built to evolve, LBMS facilitates and enables law firm profitability and growth. LBMS means true agility for your law firm, something crucial to surviving and thriving in today's transformed Legal industry.

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