LBMS Platform Technical Overview

Law Firm Technology

Law Firm BPM - Leading-Edge Platform

How does Elegrity LBMS accelerate and streamline law firm business processes? By providing a law firm technology foundation that ensures the ideal balance of structure and control. LBMS is built on layers of technology that not only make it easy to codify your processes as they stand now, but also give you the flexibility to enhance and optimize these processes over time for a continuous payback on your initial investment.

A Complete Law Firm Software Platform

LBMS delivers true enterprise business process management by providing ALL the capabilities required to be successful, workflow being only one of many.

Elegrity LBMS Platform

LBMS incorporates embedded process management, a flexible rules engine, a relational data model, with coordinated systems integrations – and gives your IT team a law firm software foundation on which to build for years to come. 

Spend your time implementing solutions, not developing technical 'fillers' for the functional gaps of other, less  mature platforms.

Technology Overview

At the heart of LBMS is a powerful Ultimus workflow engine that will drive all your business processes. Around this engine, LBMS provides technology building blocks that include:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Microsoft .NET
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • SQL Server
  • Web Services
  • Business Process Management
  • A User Interface API