LBMS for Life Science

Elegrity has worked with Life Sciences companies for the past 10 years for optimize organizational work processes. With a specific focus on business process transformation, we have helped our Life Sciences customers achieve better risk management and enhanced efficiencies across various process lifecycles, including:

  • Vendor and Contract Lifecycle
  • Research Lifecycles
  • Marketing Lifecycles

Elegrity’s Lifecycle Business Management System™ (LBMS™) is a Business Process Portal designed from the ground up to support the complex, ever-changing process lifecycles of Life Sciences companies. In working with Life Sciences clients ranging from startup biotechs to some of the largest Biopharmaceutical companies in the world, Elegrity has developed and implemented the innovative technology solutions that can help you meet the challenges unique to your industry. We leverage our breadth of experience, technical savvy, and planning expertise so that you won’t waste time, money, and IT resources trying to meet your ever-accelerating business demands. By right-sizing our solutions to your specifications, we help you maximize your ROI.

Don’t make the mistake of using old-school technology or approaches. LBMS™ is the now- and next-generation BPM platform of choice for Life Sciences companies.

Life Sciences BPM Technology: How It Works

How does Elegrity LBMS™ accelerate and streamline Life Sciences business processes? By providing a technology foundation that ensures the ideal balance of structure and control. LBMS is built on layers of technology that not only make it easy to codify your processes as they stand now, but also give you the flexibility to enhance and optimize these processes over time for a continuous payback on your initial investment.

LBMS incorporates embedded process management, a flexible rules engine, a relational data model, with coordinated systems integrations – and gives your IT team a Life Sciences BPM foundation on which to build for years to come.

At the heart of LBMS is a powerful workflow engine that will drive all your business processes. Around this engine, LBMS provides technology building blocks that include:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Microsoft .NET
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • SQL Server
  • Web Services
  • Business Process Management
  • A User Interface API

Why is “Cradle to Grave Lifecycle Management” Important in Life Sciences?

Our key people at Elegrity have 10 years of experience working directly with Life Sciences and Biopharmaceutical companies. This has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of Life Sciences business processes. As a result, we’ve developed a unique way of optimizing Life Sciences operations. We call it Cradle-to-Grave Lifecycle Management – and we summarize it like this:

  • Every business activity can be related back to a larger business process.
  • Every business process can be related back to the subject of that process (the “thing” the process is about).
  • Every subject can be related to one or more lifecycles (or full circle) of interrelated business processes.

As a result, every process you invest in delivers ongoing, increasing return on investment because you get to reuse its value over and over again.

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