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Use a Solution That’s Built Specifically for Law Firms

For years, law firms have struggled to use generic workflow engines to meet their unique needs.  After large investments and a huge amount of time, most firms found themselves 'stuck', unable to evolve like they had hoped.  Worse, some firms skipped process improvement altogether, daunted by the spectre.

In 2006, Elegrity's LBMS became the needed antidote for this pain.

Incorporating eight years of real-world, large-scale law firm business process expertise to deliver more than 40 common law firm business processes out of the box (and the list grows daily), no longer do law firms need to start from scratch. LBMS is the most complete law firm management software solution.

Law Firm Software - Legal-Focused Modules

Based on these technology components, LBMS provides an ever-expanding list of modules designed to optimize some of the most common  (and complex) law firm business processes.  Here is a sampling... 

  • New Business Intake: Make gains in efficiency and automation, while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk for all aspects of your new business intake process.
  • Lateral Hire:  Get your Lateral Hire information the same way every time, and ensure its complete.  Then use it intelligently for conflicts checks during the lateral process and with meaning after its over.
  • Client Matter Maintenance: While the client and matter 'live' at your firm - think about the sheer dirth of changes that occur.  Guess what?  This is the hugest area of potential process improvement in the whole cradle-to-grave client/matter lifecycle!  Rate Exception Changes; Attorney Changes; Party Changes - there are dozens!  Each with unique process and information requirements.
  • Client & Matter Closure: Automate and optimize your processes around closing out a client or matter. 
  • Lifecycle Monitoring: Gain a 360-degree view of each type of subject you are managing in LBMS (Client; Matter: Employee; Vendor), including all related processes and data. 
  • Business Intelligence: Get real-time visibility into your firm’s activities and performance to facilitate faster and better-informed business decisions. 
  • Corporate Data Module: Tie external information about your clients and prospects right back to your internal data with our Corporate Data Module.  Firms are transforming everything from Conflicts of Interest to Marketing using the power of the insights we delivery.

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