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Why is "Cradle to Grave Lifecycle Management" Important?

Our key people at Elegrity have 20 years of experience working directly with law firms and corporate legal departments. This has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of law firm business processes. We're truly law firm BPM experts. As a result, we’ve developed a unique way of optimizing law firm operations. We call it Cradle-to-Grave Lifecycle Management.

  • Every business activity can be related back to a larger business process. 
  • Every business process can be related back to the subject of that process (the 'thing' the process is about). 
  • Every subject can be related to one or more lifecycles (or full circle) of interrelated business processes.

So what? So a lot. Understanding and implementing process improvement with an embedded Lifecycle approach means the difference between marginal success and phenomenal success in your quest to improve your law firm profitability.

Cradle-to-Grave Client/Matter Lifecycle Example in LBMS

We have already implemented over 40+ distinct business processes within the Client/Matter Lifecycle of our law firm software. The image below provides a visual conceptualization of our Cradle-to-Grave Client/Matter Lifecycle.


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LBMS Cradle-to-Grave Lifecycle Management Delivers

  • Ongoing, Increasing Return-On-Investment.  Every process you invest in becomes a leveraged investment (meaning you get to re-use its value over and over again).
  • 360 Degree visibility of your law firm.  Every ounce of information gathered through any process is logically related back to other lifecycle processes and the subject they are about.
  • Organizational Agility.  Cross-process, cross-functional process improvement takes your firm to a whole new realm of adaptability and agility.

How Does LBMS Uniquely Implement Lifecycle Management for Law Firms?

The underbelly of LBMS incorporates all the intelligence needed to logically relate all the components required for lifecycle management:

  • Data (aggregated from all relevant business systems)
  • Process (forever snapshots of what happened and why)
  • Change Summaries (immediately discernable changes that resulted from any process in the lifecycle)

Customize to Your Firm

There are no limits.  Implement any single process or every single process in any lifecycle, and LBMS law firm software supports you like no other platform in the market.  Here are some lifecycles that might get your thoughts going...

  • Employee Lifecycle
  • Vendor Lifecycle
  • Practice Delivery Lifecycle
  • Any other!

Elegrity LBMS is built to evolve. We customize your solution to make it an exact fit for the way you work.

Learn how Elegrity provides a solution that’s built specifically for law firms. Or contact us for a free consultation.