New Business Intake - Transformed for Law Firms

Increased Efficiency while Enhancing Oversight of New Business Intake

Business Process Management done right means your firm should *always* be reaping the following benefits simultaneously:

  1. Enhanced corporate governance.  BPM ensures your policies are embedded and consistently followed across your entire enterprise.  When risk thresholds are exceeded, appropriate oversight is invoked through involvement of the right reviewers/approvers. 
  2. Increased efficiency and speed.  At the same time your getting better corporate governance, you are increasing efficiencies.  Duplicative data entry is supplanted with right-timed automations; back-and-forth information clean-up is replaced by clear submission requirements; unnecessary reviews are replaced with timely and required reviews.
  3. Organizational Agility.  Good process management is never 'done' - it evolves, changes and shifts with your firm's needs and strategies.  This evolution occurs nearly instantaneously and on a consistent, enterprise basis.

Firms using LBMS™ enjoy the following key benefits for New Matter Intake and Beyond:

•  Accelerated cash flow
•  Faster turnaround on intakes
•  Real-time visibility into every aspect of new matter intakes and other processes
•  100% auditing of key changes
•  All records relating to a process stored electronically within a central, searchable repository
•  Increased revenue through more timely and accurate time entry and billing

The LBMS™ New Business Intake (NBI) module allows attorney’s and secretaries to initiate new business intakes with all the necessary information required by to perform conflict checking, approvals, and integrations with the firm’s Accounting, Conflicts, and Docketing systems. For the duration of the intake, attorneys and secretaries can track the status of their new matter intake requests at any time. Completed intakes are permanently stored in the system and are searchable based on security rights. Configurable business rules ensure that the right information is collected at the right time during the process.

For the Firm’s NBI teams, such as conflicts, records, accounting, and docketing, the LBMS™ New Business Intake module provides a range of functions, coordinated workflow, visibility into your team’s workload, and ability to redistribute work within your team. Integration with various Conflicts systems reduces data entry and allows conflicts analysts to focus on identifying and resolving conflicts. Coordinated Integration with the firm’s accounting and docketing systems also reduces duplicate data entry, improving data quality and speeding up the overall intake process.