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Elegrity, Inc. has extensive experience in developing solutions within Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and as a result, has developed a number of SharePoint tools that can significantly shorten development time.

Elegrity's SharePoint products and services  can significantly reduce the cost of developing and deploying InfoPath Forms and SharePoint Workflows within your organization. We are SharePoint experts.


workflow migrationSharePoint Workflow Migration

One of the major headaches of using SharePoint Designer Workflows with InfoPath and custom Content Types is the migration of these workflows from one SharePoint environment to another. With Elegrity's proven methodology and SharePoint tools, SharePoint Designer Workflows can be quickly migrated from one SharePoint 2007 environment to another. Key features of Elegrity's solution includes:

  • Migrate SharePoint Designer Workflows between SharePoint Farms and Environments
  • Migrate a single Workflow or multiple Workflows
  • No need to convert your SharePoint Designer Workflows to Visual Studio/Code
  • No need to perform full SQL backup and restore to get you Workflows migrated
  • No need to manually "hookup" references to lists and columns within SharePoint Designer after migration


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Join others who have downloaded the tool and called us their 'HEROES' for this easy-to-use plug and play SharePoint tool! We are SharePoint experts.

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filtered listFiltered List Lookup Web Service

This configurable Web Service retrieves filtered Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Lists into Microsoft InfoPath 2007 Browser-based forms. The Web Service provides a method that can be called directly from InfoPath form controls without the need of writing code-behind functions. In addition to returning a filtered result set, the Web Service can be setup to perform conditional formatting on specified columns including number format operations and string manipulations. Capabilities include:

  • Searching SharePoint Lists from a Browser Based Form
  • Retrieving a Filtered SharePoint List from a Browser Based Form
  • Convert String Case
  • Number formatting
  • Simple Configuration using XML

ONLY $49.99!  BUY TODAY and get filtered drop-downs in infopath browser forms, plus the ability to retrieve data from any SharePoint list, perform data type conversions, etc.!

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workflowState Driven Workflows

State Driven Workfows implemented in SharePoint Designer 2007 (no code required) can implement an extensive range of workflow scenarios that cannot be implemented using standard sequential Workflows, including:

  • Returning to a previous step in the workflow
  • Looping
  • Restarting a Workflow from a given point
  • and More ...



mobile approvalMobile Approval

Elegrity has developed proven solutions that allow mobile or email users to perform approvals without ever opening SharePoint.



sharepoint document importSharePoint Document Import

Elegrity's Document Import solution provides an XSL based mechanism for creating and importing documents into a SharePoint Document Library.



infopath templatesInfoPath Templates

Elegrity has developed a range of InfoPath Templates that provide a good starting point from which to develop an InfoPath Form.