BPM - Business Process Management

BPM Consulting Experts

Business Process Management, or BPM, has been recognized by strategic businesses as essential for ensuring and actively enforcing risk management and compliance, while at the same time providing bottom-line business benefits through increased efficiency and decreased overhead costs.

Elegrity's BPM consulting experts have successfully defined, architected, designed and automated a plethora of complex business processes for large (multi-billion dollar), and medium (multi-million dollar), global, national and regional organizations across various industries since 2003. Throughout these 6 years, our BPM experts have developed a comprehensive and proven methodology for the delivery of organization-changing business process automation solutions. This deep, real-world expertise spans across all disciplines required for achieving success:

  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Business Process Automation (Workflow)
  • Web Application Architecture, Design & Development (SharePoint, custom and commercially available software)
  • Software Release Management
  • Business System Integration (web services; ODBC; XML; SharePoint Lists, etc.)
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence
  • Project Management/Program Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Management/Compliance Strategies (through BPM)
  • Organizational Change Management
  • End-User Training
  • Ongoing Support and Enhancement

How We Work With You

You need a whole solution, not a partial one. That’s why we bring to bear the whole package of expertise required for a successful Business Process initiative. Whether you have an in-house team of experts or not, we’ll bring the right combination of business and technical skills and expertise that will ensure you success!

Area of Expertise:

Business Process Modeling/Re-Engineering/Transformation

Description: Our Business Analysts work directly with business users to discreetly define all aspects and requirements of the business process. Model the business process in a ‘business understandable’ manner that clearly defines all involved recipients and key business rules. Define all business rules relating to the process. Identify for the business any re-engineering or efficiency gains that may be possible based on use of new automation capabilities.

We model business processes in new ways that emphasize efficiency and enhanced risk and loss prevention.

Area of Expertise:

Business Process Automation

Description: Our technical architects and automation experts translate your business requirements into the ultimate solution by developing components of workflow automation.

Area of Expertise:

Web Application Development

Description: When required, we bring to bear our Architecture, Design and Development expertise surrounding web application development (.NET, AJAX, JavaScript, SQL Server, XML).  We can meet any business requirement, no matter how sophisticated!

Area of Expertise:

Business Systems Integration

Description: Integration with your existing business systems is a crucial part of any successful business process initiative. We do it all... Architect, design and implement system interfaces between business systems.  We can leverage any approach, and will work with you to choose the one that is right for your business system and organization (web services; xml; sql, etc.).

Area of Expertise:

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Description: Design and development of highly sophisticated reporting systems. Reporting on business process metrics, as well as business data. May or may not incorporate Elegrity’s own business intelligence offering within our commercially available business process portal.

Area of Expertise:

Technical Project Management

Description: Our technical project managers will manage all aspects of the project/program. Elegrity resource management, milestone management, project risks and associated mitigation strategies, project issues, status reporting, customer communications, etc.

Area of Expertise:

Technical Architecture

Description: The Elegrity technical architect is responsible for working with the customer to define the detailed design of the solution. The Technical Architect is responsible for technical oversight of the delivered solution. A technical architect is assigned to each project involving any form of software development or system interfaces.

Area of Expertise:

Organizational Change Management

Description: Strategic consulting regarding organizational change management.  You can build any new process you want - but if your users don't adopt it, then what's the point?  Every change is difficult, but we've got many learnings and tips and tricks to help you ensure user adoption is fast and ongoing.

Area of Expertise:

End-User Training & Ongoing Support

Description: Provision of end-user training and end-user support.