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Elegrity, experts in Business Process Management, Business Process Automation and Workflow since 2003, is your ideal SharePoint consulting partner for implementation of workflow within SharePoint.

Although SharePoint workflow is 'new', all of the needs, challenges and requirements for sophisticated business process automation initiatives are not, and at Elegrity, we have already learned all the hard lessons!

We intimately understand the sophisticated routing rules, business rules and security requirements that will naturally raise themselves during your business process re-engineering and automation project discussions. And, as a result, we also already know how to meet each and every one of them.

Our web application development expertise combines beautifully with our process expertise to enable us to deliver 'application-like' functionality within InfoPath browser forms. And when you reach a level of sophistication where InfoPath breaks down, we've got you covered with our InfoPath services! We'll just develop those sophisticated web forms you need and integrate those with Workflow Foundation for your process needs.

Don't start from scratch, and don't learn the hard way...make it easy to achieve success by leveraging Elegrity's SharePoint consulting services across all areas of SharePoint, InfoPath and Business Process Management by contacting us today!

Pervasive Business Intelligence

Once we've got your workflow in SharePoint, we deliver pervasive business intelligence directly inside your SharePoint portal (leveraging Excel Services).  Your executives and end-users have never had information at their fingertips like this before, and certainly not in such a familiar interface as Microsoft Excel. 

Business System Integration

Increase the value of both your SharePoint Portal and Business Systems by bringing them together in meaningful and powerful ways

Deliver secure, real-time access to back-end business systems information right from the familiar user experience of your SharePoint portal. Empower users with secured visibility into information in your financial or ERP systems, for example, without having to train them on how to use those applications. Let your users work where they are comfortable, within Microsoft familiar tools, while providing them with the information they need within a single aggregated environment.

Leverage this integrated information for your workflows and automated forms, or to empower users to provide edits back to your back-end systems in a controlled manner.

With the Microsoft Business Data Catalog and Enterprise Search capabilities, we can work with you to provide robust searchable access to your business data!