Biopharm and Biotech Experience

Working with some of the largest Biopharmaceutical companies in the world to startup Biotechs, Elegrity implements the innovative technology solutions that help our clients meet the challenges unique to their industry. We leverage our breadth of experience, technical and planning expertise so that time, money, and IT resources are not wasted trying to meet ever-accelerating business demands.  We know how to right-size solutions based on need and organizational considerations.

Biotech and Biopharm BPM Solutions

Business Process Management

As your industry faces evolving government regulations, further exacerbating an already daunting situation, we bring to bear our long-term compliance, risk management and corporate governance consulting and technology solutions (in the form of enforced policies through process automation and management).

Leveraging our large-scale Biopharma BPM expertise, combined with our unique business focused approach, we help our Bio clients transform all aspects of their business by employeeing our process transformation consulting and process transformation automation expertise.  Legal, Compliance or Commercial processes - it doesn't matter.  We will substantially improve them to the benefit of your bottom-line.  See our Contract Management Case Study for a real-world example of how we positively impacted one Biopharmaceuticals contract management and procure-to-pay processes.


Whether creating new products, implementing new marketing strategies or working on documentation you need the ability to effectively, efficiently and securely collaborate.  As much or more as any other industry, collaboration needs for Bio companies extends well beyond organizational boundaries.  Here's a sample of just some of our cutting-edge collaboration solutions:

  • Secure Collaboration Portals
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Unified Communication

IT Infrastructure

Data center management, multi-site disaster recovery, manufacturer and corporate network bifurcation, global infrastructure management and disparate desktop and device name it, you industry has the need!  Question is - how do you get it done cost-effectively and strategically, so every investment is accounted for and worthwhile? 

  • Data Center Design
  • Storage Design
  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop and Application Virtualization
  • Unified Messaging

Technical Project Management

Global projects with staffed resources from internal and multiple external vendors taking too long or costing too much?  Seeing too many unanticipated issues disrupting operations or, worst of all, manufacturing?  Tired of IT budgets spiraling out of control, no matter how hard your IT team works to manage the portfolio?

You need experts in technology project delivery.  How to get it done right the first time, leverage the right resources, identify and mitigate risk BEFORE it results in downtime.  That's Elegrity.

Don't call us for the easy projects - call us for the really hard ones.  That's where our value comes through.  Whether you have a high tech project in need of our 'Project Triage' services, or want us to make sure your project is a success from start to finish, we make it happen for you.