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Corporate Legal Solutions that Lower the Unit Cost of Legal Services

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Corporate legal departments like yours have a mandate to reduce the unit cost of the legal function while ensuring full risk coverage for the organization. That means you must find ways to increase attorney productivity, weed out inefficiency, and minimize the need for outsourcing.

Elegrity’s corporate law department consultants can help you analyze your legal team’s overall workload and make strategic decisions about optimizing processes in ways that give your in-house attorneys more bandwidth. We’ll help you:

  • Manage your current and future workloads in ways that minimize risk.
  • Identify the high-value work that only your in-house team will be able to perform effectively.
  • Earmark the projects that will be more cost-efficient to outsource to specialized firms.
  • Translate your department’s needs into solutions your IT department can support.

After 20 years of working directly with corporate legal departments and law firms, Elegrity understands corporate law business processes and the technologies that support them. We recommend and implement corporate law solutions that automate and streamline your operations, enabling you to do more with fewer staff. These solutions can also help you manage the processes you outsource to law firms.

Highlights of Elegrity’s Corporate Legal Solution

Elegrity solutions for corporate law departments can deliver:

  • Greater efficiency and visibility
    Elegrity streamlines and automates your customized contract and procurement processes. End users can securely see the status of their requests on demand, eliminating the need for calls and back-and-forth emails and speeding up processing time.

  • Consistent business processes
    Your business rules will be codified into your Elegrity system, ensuring consistency and enhancing your organization’s compliance and risk management activities. Based on your requirements, the system will handle all levels of approvals according to the attributes of each request.

  • Seamless integration
    Your Elegrity solution will pull data from back-end systems – such as ERP or accounting – and distribute it in accordance with the business rules you’ve defined. Information is always retrieved or saved into the appropriate system of record, increasing data integrity. By pulling and pushing information automatically, you can minimize or eliminate redundant data entry.

Take the Next Step Towards Optimized Processes

When you work with Elegrity to optimize and prioritize your workload, you’ll not only maximize the productivity of your in-house attorneys, but also put your department in a much more favorable position to negotiate fixed fees and alternative fee arrangements for the processes you outsource. Major corporate legal teams have already partnered with Elegrity to achieve an impressive payback on their IT investment. In fact, Elegrity has successfully completed hundreds of projects for customers ranging from 10 users to 14,000, and from $500,000 to $16 billion in revenue, across the legal, life sciences, and financial services industries.