Financial Services

Financial Services Experience

Our focus on financial services began in 1999 and continues uninterrupted today. 

We service some of the largest broker-dealers in the world, and some of the smallest investment advisory firms.  As a result, we are very familiar with the regulatory considerations and how those can often dramatically impact business strategy and daily operations and activities. 

We know that the differentiators between one company and another are often found in the ability to implement strategy and strategy shifts (whether risk management strategies or core service and product strategies) quickly, efficiently and in 100% adherence with regulations.

Financial Services Solutions

Business Process Optimization

Elegrity has architected, designed and implemented some of the most sophisticated business process automation systems within the financial services world, and delivered those solutions to thousands of users globally.  As a result of years of experience, we have an intimate understanding of the regulatory compliance and risk management issues you face.

Strategic IT Infrastructure

Financial services is as data-driven an industry as you can get.  You need the right IT infrastructure to support management, delivery and security of that data in the ways you need it, when you need it and where you need it.  Virtualization, business intelligence, collaboration portals, unified communications and mobility considerations are key for your industry. 

The question is - what is the right mix for your financial services firm?  That's where our strategic approach comes to play.  We help practically identify for you the components, anticipated investment and return - and then we implement the right way the first time.