High Tech

High Tech Experience

Our high tech experience spans from start-ups to some of the largest online retailers in the world.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that we are a high tech company ourselves!  This experience allows us to understand the commonalities and distinguish the differences in terms of scope, scale and complexity quickly.  This means we right-size our high tech solutions accordingly.

Whether you are starting off in your garage and need to know how to get an IT infrastructure up and running quickly (like leveraging the cloud), or you are a $16 Billion dollar company in need of innovative solutions to your corporate governance or information security challenges, Elegrity has been there before and is armed with the tools you need to succeed.

High Tech Solutions

IT and Collaboration Infrastructure

We get how crucial the right underpinnings are for high tech companies - you need to be able to develop and innovative quickly.  Being bogged down with the wrong infrastructure can literally mean the difference between success and failure.

We've got the tools - but more than that, we understand how and when to use the right one for the right job.  We'll give you the infrastructure you to meet your needs today, ensuring it can evolve as you grow and change. 

  • Unified Communications (Microsoft Lync; Microsoft Exchange)
  • Data Center Architecture (Server Virtualization)
  • Desktop and Application Virtualization
  • Portals (Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Technical Project Management for Complex Infrastructure Projects

Information Security

If your high tech company is big enough to become a real target for insider or outsider threats, your growth strategy includes extensive M&A or you need to satisfy regulatory requirments like PCI and Sox, we can help.  Elegrity provides comprehensive services surrounding information security within the high tech industry.

  • Email security
  • Insider Threat 
  • Information classification policies 
  • PCI/SOX compliance 
  • Application penetration testing 
  • M&A Risk Assessment Frameworks 
  • Business Intelligence Security Dashboards  
  • Workflow to coordinate assessments, policy exceptions and more

Operational Excellence and Corporate Governance

Embedding corporate governance (including information security policy adherence) into your everday operations is key to protecting your high tech company from fines, or even worse, PR nightmares. 

We help high tech companies look for areas of highest risk, most in need of improvement by examining current processes.  We then transform those processes into automated workflow solutions that tear down organizational boundaries, ensuring full policy adherence. 

  • EAI
  • Workflow automation
  • Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Custom software