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With over 20 years of experience consulting with Law Firms, we've made it our business to understand your industry inside and out. This includes the fact that we work with your clients (Corporate Legal Departments), giving us a full view of the pressures you face.

There can be no doubt. The business of running a law firm has changed dramatically over the past few years. Price competition has intensified. Support staffs continue to shrink. Alternative fee arrangements are endangering firms’ profitability and increasing their financial risk. Commoditization and outsource of legal services is accelerating dramatically. It will never go back to 'status quo'. Your industry has changed forever. 

Even some of the world’s most established firms are suddenly struggling to stay afloat. The firms that survive post downturn will be those that are willing to change the way they do business.

We are thought leaders in the realm of law firm business process improvement.  From transformed and optimized business process automation to strategically ideated and leveraged technology infrastructure, you won't find any technology company or law firm consultants better suited to help you win today and in the future. 

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Law Firm Solutions

Business Process Optimization

Elegrity’s law firm consultants help law firm executives and their teams ensure profitability, drive growth, and manage risk by delivering solutions that speed and improve business processes. Our legal industry and business process management experts work hand-in-hand with your team to introduce new business processes – or reinvigorate existing ones – through a proven, innovative, and integrated approach to solution delivery.

With 20 years of experience working directly with both law firms and corporate legal departments, Elegrity has developed a deep understanding of law firm business processes. This experience has enabled us to develop a unique way of optimizing law firm operations. We call it Cradle-to-Grave Lifecycle Management. See our LBMS - Law Business Management System product page for more information on our law firm process consulting and innovative process optimization platform.

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Virtualization (Server; Desktop; Application)

Streamlined data centers are achieved via server virtualization.  Desktop and application management, two areas of law firm IT infrastructure with the biggest cost and challenges, are transformed into real business value-adds through desktop and application virtualization.

We've installed, configured, integrated with and even created more law firm applications than most technology companies see in their careers (over 600 and counting).  We know how to make them sing in mutli-user scenarios, like Citrix XENApp. And we know how to configure them to protect data and ensure mobility inside of Virtualized Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). Our law firm specific expertise combines with our virtualization technoloy prowess (we have on staff some of the earliest certified Citrix experts in the world) to ensure you squeeze every ounce of value out of your infrastructure.