Collaboration Technologies

Collaborative Solutions (Unified Communications, Portals and Beyond)

New Age of Collaboration

The landscape of collaboration continues to shift at an unbelievable pace.  The old days of whether to introduce VOIP or not, a decision that seemed so daunting at one time, now look simple by comparison. 

  • Fully integrated voice, unified messaging, IM, conferencing and ad hoc collaboration systems are becoming more readily available in the cloud, and more common in corporations. 
  • Integration of those systems with portals and other collaborative solutions is being called for by users. 
  • Seamless connections with social media, both internal and external, are causing heart palpitations in risk management and IT departments alike as compliance and information security concerns seem insurmountable.

Elegrity has the experience across all of these areas that you need to make well-balanced, thoughtful decisions while at the same time allow you to move your company ahead by taking advantage of the capabilities this new way of working can provide. 

Unified Collaboration Systems/Unified Communications Infrastructure

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Unified Access Gateway
  • Cloud-based Systems

We work with IT to architect and implement the entire Microsoft stack for delivery of state-of-the-art collaboration systems globally, and securely.  In addition, we help you integrate cloud-based solutions (Microsoft and other) with your internal infrastructure.

We are especially adept at MIGRATIONS, from older versions to the latest or greatest, or from one vendor system to another.

Archiving, eDiscovery, Regulatory Compliance

Enter the world of collaboration and you inevitably hit legal and regulatory considerations you may never have imagined.

Elegrity has significant experience implementing archival solutions for numerous clients in the biotech, biopharmaceutical, financial services, legal, and private equity firms.

We have helped numerous customers implement and support archival solutions to meet regulatory requirements such as FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, and SOX.

Elegrity has also delivered hybrid solutions providing content reduction, disaster recovery, and eDiscovery capabilities.