Server Virtualization Services

Reduce Costs, Increase Agility

If your IT department is like most, you’re being asked to do more with less. But you’re also trying to respond, adapt, and grow rapidly to meet the changing demands of today’s business and technical climates. At a glance, these goals appear to be contradictory – but thanks to server virtualization, they’re not.

Server virtualization is a highly reliable technology approach that lets IT organizations run multiple virtual servers on each physical server, driving a reduction in the overall number of machines in a server room or data center. By enabling faster server deployments, centralized server management, scalable resourcing, and support for diverse environments, virtualization offers you the flexibility you need to stay ahead of the technology curve. Elegrity's server virtualization services can help you take advantage of virtualization technology.

How Server Virtualization Can Save You Money – and Headaches

Every server in your server room or datacenter serves a valuable purpose. But most are running at far less than full capacity. In fact, at any given moment, most of your servers are probably using less than half of their maximum computing power.

Of course, regardless of how little some of your servers are being used, you still must pay to power, cool, and maintain them. Each physical server represents a line item in your operating expenses. Consolidating these servers onto fewer physical machines means you’ll save money.

Virtualization lets you separate the computing resources of each physical server from the machine itself. You can then host these resources on another physical machine – along with the resources of one or more other physical servers. Each of these virtual servers can run its own operating system, allowing you to implement and run applications as needed – and without conflicts.

Elegrity Can Help with Server Virtualization Services

For over 11 years, Elegrity has helped organizations across multiple industries leverage Citrix, VMware, and other virtualization technologies for sophisticated application and desktop delivery solutions. As a result of our server virtualization services, customers have addressed real business challenges across a variety of areas. Elegrity’s unique “business first” focus will help ensure your virtualization efforts are delivered as real solutions that will empower your business.