Law Firm Solutions - Overview

Today’s Law Firm Reality

Due to the fundamental shifts in the legal industry, law firms have to find efficiencies and differentiation in how they conduct business to remain competitive. Manual workflows, inconsistent policy adherence, disjointed tools and databases, and lack of experience management are leading firms towards decreased or stagnant profitability, increased risks, and a competitive disadvantage. A firm’s ability to recognize the correct business processes for their firm, evolve those processes and tools, and manage transient differentiation is key to their success.

Elegrity’s Cradle-to-Grave ™ Client-Matter Management

With Elegrity’s Cradle-to-Grave™ approach, we start by helping firms create a consistent and manageable set of processes surrounding several key areas of the firm including but not limited to:

  • New Business Intake 
  • Conflicts 
  • Lateral Hire
  • Matter Closure
  • Client & Prospect Profiling
  • Experience Management & Database

Once the processes are defined, Elegrity Law Business Management System™ is built to evolve. We customize your solution to make it an exact fit for the way you work. Please click on any process above to learn more about the corresponding LBMS Solution.


Cradle to Grave Chart

What this means to your firm…

  • Ongoing, Increasing Return-On-Investment. Every process you invest in becomes a leveraged investment so you can re-use its value over and over again.
  • 360 Degree Visibility of Your Law Firm. Targeted leverage of information (“Big Data”) available from your processes, external business systems, and external sources of information regarding your clients and matters delivers actionable meaning for your firm. 
  • Organizational Agility. Cross-functional process improvement takes your firm to a whole new realm of adaptability and agility.