Experience Management & Database

Client & Prospect Insights

With the legal industry shifts, firms need exploit their differentiators quickly, reduce risks, and win quality market share at a faster pace through marketing and business development. 

To exploit cross-selling opportunities and target new business, Marketing Departments need to see detailed information about current clients and prospects. Right now this is haphazardly done through manual research from several systems and spending hours, if not days, manipulating and analyzing this information.

Conflicts Departments need to have access to this same key data so they can monitor changes in clients, current matters, and does deeper-dive research to avoid a potential high risk lateral hire or new client.

Opportunity and Experience Profiling

Marketing departments have recognized the need for an experience database because they currently have no centralized and easy way to access key information. Elegrity provides more than just experience management, we give you the ability to profile and analyze employees, clients and prospects on-the-fly so you can quickly find the right resource to increase the revenue of the firm.

Elegrity’s integrated Client & Prospect Insights + Experience Profiling applications allow firms to have a deep understanding of their clients, prospects, and employees so they can enhance marketing revenue generation, recognize conflicts earlier, locate the right expertise quickly, and establish profitable client relationships.

What this means to the firm:

  • Increased profitability 
  • Differentiation through expertise
  • Enhanced revenue generation through marketing

How Elegrity Helps…

Client & Prospect Insights

Understanding Your Clients 
• Ability to analyze your successful relationships and increase revenue further
• Capability to manage opportunities with a more holistic approach to knowledge management 
• Industry associations to target strategic business development

Turning Prospects Into Clients
• Ability to stay informed about prospects you are tracking
• Capability to filter data to produce qualified prospecting lists
• Know the impact of marketing campaigns and their profitability

Experience Profiling

Growing Your Firm Through Your Existing Assets – Your Experience

  • Quickly locate your best resource to complement an RFP, prospect, client or matter
  • Centralize information about your firm’s expertise as a whole or filter down to specific capabilities by employee
  • Demonstrate proficiency and better client-service by providing the client with the best competencies the first time