Lateral Hire

Lateral hiring can be a daunting task due to extensive conflicts searching, reputation investigation, and credibility checks.

Without an enforceable, automated business process and comprehensive research resources available, this process can expose the firm to a great amount of risk or slow the process of hiring a revenue-generating lawyer.

Elegrity’s Lateral Hire module allows you to easily search potential conflicts, distribute your findings to necessary parties through an auditable trail, and minimize risks associated with missing information. Furthermore, it allows profitable intakes to begin billable work quickly and boost the firm’s revenue faster. 

What this means to the firm:

  • Increased profitability through the fast hiring of qualified lateral hires
  • Decreased risk through reliable processes
  • More satisfied lateral hires and shareholders

How Elegrity Helps…


Minimize Risks

  • Embedded and consistent policies to eliminate missing information
  • Easy to use conflicts system to ensure safety of firm
  • Auditable processes with integration to other key systems

Increase Profitability

  • Quick onboarding of revenue-generating lateral hires 
  • Elimination of time-consuming and ineffective research tools
  • Reduction of back-and-forth information
  • Embedded capture of Lateral Hire experience and relationships