Lifecycle Business Management System

LBMS – Lifecycle Business Management System

Success today and in the future relies on innovative and efficient collaboration. Teams will continue to be re-defined and increasingly transient – and GLOBAL. Even sales and marketing has become a process of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

As a result, the new, most valuable intellectual property is the HOW to work to get the greatest, highest value leverage of team resources as much or more as the WHAT that gets produced. To be faster, better, and more profitable requires a change in the HOW work is being conducted in a world of ever-expanding, ever-accelerating commoditization of both products and services.

This requires:

  • Organization of work (both people and technology)
  • Embedded Corporate Governance
  • Agility – with business strategy and risk management shifts integrated seamlessly

Elegrity works with customers across multiple vertical industries to redefine the HOW in an evolutionary, sustainable way by applying a combination of the discipline of Business Process Management with the power of our LBMS™ – Lifecycle Business Management System.

We're truly BPM experts. As a result, we’ve developed a unique way of optimizing business operations. We call it Cradle-to-Grave Lifecycle Management.

  • Every business activity can be related back to a larger business process. 
  • Every business process can be related back to the subject of that process (the “thing” the process is about). 
  • Every subject can be related to one or more lifecycles (or full circle) of interrelated business processes.

Understanding and implementing process improvement with an embedded Lifecycle approach means the difference between marginal success and phenomenal success in your quest to improve your organization’s profitability and viability. 

LBMS™ Cradle-to-Grave Lifecycle Management Delivers

  • Ongoing, Increasing Return-On-Investment. Every process you invest in becomes a leveraged investment (meaning you get to re-use its value over and over again).
  • 360 Degree Visibility of Your Organization. Every piece of information gathered through any process is logically related back to other lifecycle processes and the subjects they are about.
  • Organizational Agility. Cross-process, cross-functional process improvement takes your firm to a whole new realm of adaptability and agility. 


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